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Experience an irresistible warm oil massage, with Massage Flame candles. The oil is therapeutically infused with beneficial essential oils and luxurious emollients, leaving skin silky smooth and delightfully scented. A truly unforgettable massage!

  • 55 minutes- $109
  • 85 minutes- $149
Seaside Escape

Take a deep breath and remember what is important to you. This relaxing massage relieves tension and invigorates your spirit. Just close your eyes and let the soothing strokes bring you peace and balance.

  • 25 minutes- $49
  • 55 minutes- $99
  • 85 minutes- $139
An aromatherapy scalp massage or essential oils can be added in for an additional $9 each.
Deep Balance

A custom blended massage created just for you based on your desired results. You can expect deep relaxation and restored balance. Yes deep tissue work is included in this session.

  • 25 minutes – $69
  • 55 minutes – $119
An aromatherapy scalp massage or essential oils can be added in for an additional $9 each.
Shell Excursion

A coastal enriched custom blended warm seashell excursion warms your muscles as well as your spirit. It will surely entice a soothing therapeutic filled seaside excursion.

  • 55 minutes $109
You may also add in the Seashell into any of the Body Refining Menu items for an additional $10.
Aroma Face

Experience a gentle face cleansing, an essential oil infused steam toweling and a nourishing replenishing essential oil face massage.

  • 25 minutes – $59
An aromatherapy scalp massage can be added in for an additional $9.
Peppermint Sole

Revive the soles with a warm toweling and a peppermint essential oil infused sugar allure glow. Followed by a tension relieving sole massage.

  • 25 minutes – $59

Spa Policies

Please read our spa policies and information

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Body Revitalizer

Choose one from below 85 minutes – $149

Marine Algae

formulated to sooth dehydrated skin and renew its strength and vitality.

Seaweed Green Clay

formulated to stimulate skin as well as increase cell turnover and increase blood circulation.

Sedona Red Clay

formulated to reduce age lines and free radicals which damage the skin.

Sugar Allure/Sea Salt Elixir Body Refining

This invigorating sugar or sea salt exfoliation will refine and improve skin texture. It is formulated to increase skin circulation by removing accumulated residues and skin impurities. A soothing massage is included in these Body Glows.

55 minutes- $99 • 85 minutes- $139

An aromatherapy scalp massage or essential oils can be added in for an additional $9 each.

Ask for more details on our Monthly Specials which are 85 minutes sessions for – $139

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

On arrival to our spa you may choose from our selection of essential oil blends designed to evoke positive energy, sooth and balance or promote tranquility as well as a sense of well-being.

Choose from: Inspiration, Good Karma, Serenity, Tranquility, Relaxation Add in $5.


Steam Room & Dry Sauna available 7 days a week 10am-7pm

This service is complimentary if you purchase a spa menu session. Co-ed access swimwear is required.


This service is complimentary if you are registered hotel guest. Any person under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Entry is based upon occupancy levels; Spa Coordinator may refuse entry if occupancy levels are reached.

Looking for Employment with our Spa?

We are contracting with Licensed Massage Practitioners to provide spa services to our resort guests. You choose our workday(s) and we provide everything. By everything, we mean everything! Everything is appointment booking, free lunch, all linen and laundry service, all advertising, session product including all tools & equipment. It is the perfect business opportunity; you provide your professional massage service to our resort guests! If you are interested in this business opportunity, please contact Spa Manager Jaynie Figg.